Principles of Collaboration

As we work with patient organizations on a variety of initiatives and activities, Genzyme is committed to ensuring that our relationships with these groups remain thoughtful, ethical, and transparent. Mindful of established industry practices and guidelines, we have developed our own set of principles to guide our ongoing collaborations:

  • We recognize that as a global company, we are subject to often differing laws, rules, and regulations in the many locations in which we do business, and we will always comply with local rules involving interactions with patient organizations.
  • We will respect and ensure the independence of patient organizations in their policies, decisions, and activities, never perceiving or placing their interests as subordinate to our own.
  • Genzyme will neither request nor expect patient organizations to promote any Genzyme product or service.
  • The scope and objectives of any Genzyme collaboration with a patient organization will be open, transparent, and ethical.
  • Genzyme will respect the privacy of all personal information and data we may receive from patient organizations and will not expect them to provide us with any personal patient or family information.
  • We never require that a patient organization receive funding solely from Genzyme, nor will we seek to exclude anyone, including competitors, from making contributions to these organizations. Although there may be occasions when we are the sole source of support (most likely with new organizations focused on rare diseases), we strongly encourage organizations to pursue and establish multiple funding sources.