Why it Matters – Connecting Genzyme Employees to Our Patients

Kathleen Coolidge | October 23, 2012

Why does it matter to connect Genzyme employees to patients? Isn’t it enough for employees to know they are working for a company that is manufacturing important medical treatment? Shouldn’t working at a company focused on patients be motivating in itself?

An important part of our role in patient advocacy is to help employees feel connected to patients. We do this in a myriad of ways: hosting live patient speakers and patient group leaders at Genzyme sites around the world to educate employees, featuring real patients and families in our disease education materials, and supporting initiatives that focus on connecting employees with the patient communities we serve.

As we have often heard from all over Genzyme -- ranging from our CEO to staff that seldom have patient contact -- hearing patients’ stories does make a difference. One colleague recently told us that “even though I’m a nurse by training, and I know so much about patients, hearing a story from a patient makes it all real again for me. I feel lifted up after I hear a patient speak and it reminds me of the importance, value and urgency of what we all do here at Genzyme.”

To hear another employee’s compelling story about what meeting a young patient meant to him, watch this video

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