Spotlight on FSIG's PAL Award Project this Fabry Awareness Month

Kathleen Coolidge | April 17, 2015

We are delighted to highlight a PAL Award project of the Fabry Support and Information Group in the U.S. as part of Fabry Awareness month.

The project, called "LSDs Revealed: Understanding the Basis of Lysosomal Storage Disease" utilizes video as an educational tool to increase understanding and awareness around the causes of lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs). According to FSIG Executive Director, Jack Johnson, the video will demonstrate the causes of LSDs in a clear, concise manner that is readily accessible by a wide audience and applicable to multiple LSD conditions. A combination of live action and illustration/animation will break down complex concepts into manageable steps. With the basic knowledge of cellular processes revealed it will be easier to understand the bigger picture of how a common basis can result in a group of such varied conditions or a specific condition and the impact on the body.

As part of the project, an accompanying PowerPoint presentation and tutorial are being developed to create a complete toolkit. The ultimate goal is for this educational toolkit to be customizable for specific LSD conditions and varied geographic regions, allowing broad utilization by multiple organizations with minimal duplication of effort by the greater LSD community.

Congratulations, FSIG, and we wish you great success with this important project!

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