Raising Funds and Awareness Even When Time Stands Still

Annamarie Dillon | October 30, 2013

When the clock goes back one hour to mark the change from summertime to wintertime, most of us look forward to that extra hour in bed. For the hundreds of participants that took part in one of the 130 “Wintertime Challenge” events organised by Spieren voor Spieren (Muscles for Muscles) across the Netherlands this past weekend, however, it meant something entirely different. In the middle of the night, enthusiastic participants shed their pajamas for athletic gear in support of a good cause, namely to raise money and create awareness for children and adults living with a muscle disease.

Together with another 150 runners, Team Genzyme ran as many laps as we could at 2:00 am during the hour and one second before the clock went back as part of this unique fundraiser. Louis van Gaal, ambassador of Spieren voor Spieren and current coach of the Dutch national soccer team, opened the run and cheered us on during the event. Others swam laps, played football or organised other sporting activities across the country. In addition to fundraising, these events got national media coverage creating much needed awareness. Thus far €361,500 have been raised, which will be used to set up expertise centers for children with muscle diseases. 

For more information please visit (in Dutch) www.wintertijdchallenge.nl.


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