Raising Awareness for Thyroid Cancer: “There is No Such Thing as 'Good' Cancer”

Barbara Diana | September 23, 2015

In September, thyroid cancer patients, advocates, and organizations will participate in various activities to honor International Thyroid Cancer Awareness month, which was founded by the Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association (ThyCa). In honor of International Thyroid Cancer Awareness month, we wanted to share with you several activities from Europe.

First, Dutch Thyroid Cancer survivor and advocate, Anke van Haften, published her personal story in a book, "There is no such thing as good cancer!"  It is a diary for a year which she also posted on the Dutch patient organization (SON) website. The purpose of her book is to help create awareness about thyroid cancer and the real experiences of those affected by it. As Anke says: “Sometimes, you are dumbstruck by the nonsense that people come up with. It is out of stupidity, ignorance or simply because they don’t know how to express themselves when it comes to a disease like cancer? I tell myself that it is well-intentioned, but I am still left with a gnawing feeling. Luckily you have good cancer, still echoes in my head. Good cancer? Does it really exist?”

In addition a video ‘They Call Thyroid Cancer a 'Good' Cancer’ was produced to raise more awareness for thyroid cancer. This video features thyroid cancer survivors and was an outcome of a European Patient Group Leader Advisory Board meeting held earlier this year.

We hope all the Thyroid Cancer patient organizations globally are able to celebrate their accomplishments this month while helping to raise awareness about this rare disease.

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