Raise Awareness for Gaucher Disease this October!

Cara Hesse | September 30, 2015

Gaucher communities around the world will be working to raise awareness and inspire others on behalf of Gaucher disease this October.

On October 1st, the European Gaucher Alliance is recognizing Gaucher Awareness Day, first launched by the Alliance in 2014. The theme for this year’s campaign is “Rare but Not Alone”.  In the U.S., Genzyme is launching “Gaucher on the Map”, a dynamic, interactive tool that enables individuals to share information about Gaucher disease with others via social media and email. This website empowers individuals throughout the U.S. to connect state by state – lighting up each state based on the individual’s geographic location – and person to person.

We are motivated and inspired by community awareness events that seek to connect a global community, whether those events are focused on a particular day or throughout the month. Awareness events connect communities dedicated to improving lives and focuses our attention on the work yet to be done. We are proud to join the Gaucher community in recognizing this important cause throughout October.

Gaucher awareness activities will be taking place around the world. For more information on activities in Europe or to share your updates, please visit the EGA website http://www.eurogaucher.org/gb/international_gaucher_day. In the U.S., please visit www.GaucherOnTheMap.com.


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