Professional Basketball Players Raise Awareness for Thyroid Cancer in Greece

Barbara Diana | October 16, 2013

As part of thyroid cancer awareness month in September, the Greek Patient’s Association of Volunteers against Cancer (AGKALIAZO), held a charitable basketball game at the Lyceum School stadium in Athens. The purpose of the day was to increase thyroid cancer awareness, promote long-term monitoring and follow up care, and empower people who are either suffering from or are survivors of thyroid cancer.

As part of the day’s events, the President of the patient association opened the event and welcomed two endocrinologists who spoke about prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of thyroid cancer of adults and children. After the lectures, people went to the stadium to watch the basketball game. The event was well attended and featured famous professional basketball players of national and international levels and a famous music band. The basketball teams consisted of small groups, including Genzyme employees and these professional basketball players. They competed against each other in order to raise awareness about thyroid cancer. It was a great game filled with many emotions.

The basketball players were very pleased entertaining patients, AGKALIAZO members, friends of the patient association and the general public. Smiles were infectious and the excitement was evident throughout the whole game.

“We are passionate, committed, and strong, and looking forward to significantly advancing such causes on patient associations’ behalf in 2013 and beyond. Along the way we all kept the promise to ourselves to maintain the positive spirit of the day,” said one of the basketball players to conclude this successful event. “I believe it was a great and unique way of raising awareness for thyroid cancer with both famous basketball players and Genzyme.”

What initiatives have you done in your countries to raise awareness for Thyroid Cancer? Let us know!

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