Playing Hockey for a Cause: Canadian MPS Society Raises the Bar

Cara Hesse | August 07, 2012

On May 12-13, the Canadian MPS Society hosted its annual MPS Cup and Gala in Vancouver, rallying MPS families and supporters for the tenth year in a row. During the day, amateur hockey players faced off with their hockey heroes, former NHL players, and took to the ice for the society’s fundraiser. The MPS Fantasy Hockey game was a dream come true for sports fans!

The main event took place in the evening as the society held its annual gala. Highlights included silent and live auctions, raffles and dancing that went into the night. The fantasy hockey game and gala brought in almost $75,000 in funds for the Society’s great work on behalf of the MPS community. Dr. Lorne Clarke, Chair of the Society’s Medical Board, gave an impassioned talk that reminded us all about why we were there, and how far we’ve come in learning about the disease. Kirsten Harkins, the president of the Canadian MPS Society, gave a moving presentation about her family’s history with the disease. It was a terrific way to end an energetic and inspiring event. For more information about the Canadian MPS Society, please click here

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