Patient Groups in Hong Kong and Thailand Receive 2012 PAL Award

Cara Hesse | March 12, 2013

We were delighted to present two 2012 Patient Advocacy Leadership Award recipients in Asia with their awards in Beijing, China this past fall. The Hong Kong Mucopolysaccaridoses and Mutual Aid Society (HKMPS) and the Genetic LSD Foundation of Thailand were on hand at the Rare Disease Multi-Stakeholder Forum to participate in an award ceremony recognizing their achievements through the PAL Awards. As part of their PAL Award, both groups have received grants of $10,000 each. Also recognized was Kenneth Mah of Singapore, whose organization Rare Disease Disorders Society (Singapore), received a 2011 PAL Award.

Mr. Stephen Ma of the HKMPS and Mr. Boon Putthipongtanachot of the Genetic LSD Foundation received the awards on behalf of their respective organizations. The HKMPS PAL project will involve the creation of an art competition among high school and college students that would illustrate, in comic format, what it is like to live with MPS based on real-life stories. The comics will then be compiled into a small book which will be made available for a donation to the society. In Thailand, the Genetic LSD Foundation PAL Award will support the creation of a regional patient group network to reach underserved patient populations in remote regions of the country.

Genzyme congratulates both organizations on their PAL Awards!

Pictured from left to right: Yoshikazu Nakamura, Regional President of Japan-Asia Pacific, Genzyme; Boon Putthipongtanachot of the Genetic LSD Foundation; and Rogerio Vivaldi, Senior Vice President and Head, Rare Diseases Genzyme; Carol Tan, Vice President and General Manager of Sub-Asia Region, Genzyme; Stephen Ma, Hong Kong Mucopolysaccaridoses and Mutual Aid Society; and Cara Hesse, Genzyme.

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