PAL Award Proposal Writing and Development – New Tools Available!

Dan Leonard | May 01, 2014

Proposal development can be challenging, particularly for smaller patient groups with limited time and resources. At the same time, knowing how to write and present a good proposal is necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of any organization, given the important role proposal writing plays in enabling groups to raise funds from many sources.

That’s why Genzyme’s PAL Awards program has been enhanced this year to help patient groups improve their proposals. A “Proposal Help” section includes a template as well as links to information and resources to help applicants improve their skills and develop more compelling proposals. The template is a downloadable document that shows the key elements to any well-structured proposal.

The resources link to websites that offer general advice on grant writing and fundraising. For example, the Guidestar website provides a clearinghouse of articles on effective fundraising strategies, such as “Anatomy of a Grant Proposal”, a page which features a grant writing toolkit.

Patient organizations interested in submitting a proposal to the PAL Awards program should note new eligibility requirements added this year. For example, PAL grant recipients must now wait one year before they are eligible to apply again. Recipients must also provide a final report at the end of their project in order to be eligible again in the future.

In its fourth year, the PAL Awards program is a competitive grant program that awards grants of up to $20,000 for new and creative ideas to support the LSD community.  Get inspired by reading about past PAL Award projects and check out Project Ideas. Don’t forget to submit your proposal for a Patient Advocacy Leadership Awards program by June 6th! Check out the PAL Awards website to learn more and to apply.


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