Let Your Voice be Heard! New features on Genzyme Rare Community

Cara Hesse | November 07, 2013

It’s here! We are delighted to introduce the “new” Genzyme Rare Community website. Along with its new look, we’ve also added great new features such as improved navigation and social sharing through Twitter and Facebook. Based on your feedback, the author information for each article is much more prominent, making it possible for you to respond to individual posts by emailing a Genzyme author directly. 

The feedback from our partners in the patient community is critical to our work. It's our hope that this website will help facilitate those conversations globally.— Jamie Ring, VP of Global Patient Advocacy and Humanitarian Programs

Most importantly, we’ve added a rating system that enables you to give us feedback about which articles are most useful to you. We encourage you to use the “Was this Useful?” rating at the end of each article and to email authors with your feedback. Our goal with this redesign was to build a user-friendly website that would enhance communications between patient groups around the world and Genzyme. We believe the new design accomplishes that, but your opinion matters more. What do you think? 

We would love to hear your thoughts!

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