Learn More About Findacure's Peer Mentoring Program for Patient Groups

Annamarie Dillon | October 15, 2014

We just learned about a great new peer mentoring initiative sponsored by the U.K-based Findacure we thought might interest you. Findacure is working to build a movement to promote the search and development of treatments for extreme and rare genetic disorders, known as fundamental diseases, on behalf of patients and those who care for them. Through a year-long peer mentoring scheme, this program works to increase the capacity of small patient groups to support patients and to increase their involvement in research into neglected conditions. The selected patient groups will be brought together with experts in the rare disease field who will support them in achieving their goals. Through this partnership, Findacure aims to strengthen the links between stakeholders and create a unified and collaborative fundamental disease community.

If you are interested in learning more about the application process, please visit Findacure’s website. The deadline to apply for this year's program as a mentee or mentor organization is coming up fast on 31st October!

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