Insights and Reflections on the Expression of Hope Experience

Cara Hesse | April 09, 2015

Next month, we will be unveiling the amazing artwork from the Expression of Hope III campaign online as well as through an exhibit of Featured Artwork. We are looking forward to sharing all 160 submissions via the online gallery, comprising artwork from all corners of the globe and from artists of all ages.

In late December, a panel of art experts identified 25 pieces of artwork be selected as Featured Artwork out of all of the submissions received. Panelists included experts from Lesley University’s Expressive Therapies program, the DeCordova Museum, Massachusetts College of Art and the Rocky Neck Arts Colony.

For them, this was their first experience learning about the global LSD community and the Expression of Hope program. Not surprisingly, the panel was moved and inspired by all 160 images and artist statements.

One panelist, Dr. Julia Byers, has dedicated her career to the field of art therapy. As a researcher, published author, and professor of art therapy at Lesley University, Julia’s work has taken her to over 20 countries where she has lectured and provided workshops on such topics as crisis intervention and alternative therapies. Julia has published many articles on humanitarian art therapy, excellence in teaching, crisis intervention and other related topics emphasizing the role of the arts for building empathy and hope within complex global societies.  

About her experience with the Expression of Hope program, this is what Julia had to say: “I was deeply impressed by the quality of the art which truly expressed people and issues that really matter in each artist’s life. I was informed by the different symptoms of LSD thru the creative imagery that clearly reflected a sense of resiliency and courage to live life. As a witness to the creative process, I felt a profound gratitude for people who chose the arts to make meaning. The art can truly give voice to life’s challenges often when words are unspoken. Thank you to all of you who submitted artwork to a much larger community. I am deeply honored to have had this occasion to gain a greater knowledge of the LSD, and even more importantly, to feel the international spirit of love and care.”

We encourage you to read more about the EOH panelists and their reflections about the LSD community and the EOH program.

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