Global Reach: Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Alan Gilstrap | November 27, 2012

Genzyme was pleased to recognize September as Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month in a number of ways, both internally and externally. Members of the Endocrinology business unit across Genzyme and Sanofi channeled key opinion leaders around the globe last month, and took advantage of media outlets to spread the thyroid cancer awareness message to millions.

United States’ field sales representatives distributed thyroid cancer awareness-themed posters and lapel pins. A low iodine lunch option was added to the Genzyme Center menu for a day, highlighting one of the many challenges patients experience as they prepare for radioactive scanning. Genzyme partnered with the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) and Dr. Mark Harrell to support a thyroid cancer awareness media tour in New York City. One example of the resulting media coverage in avideo interview (, which aired on Buffalo, NY television station WKBW, where the reporter is also a thyroid cancer survivor. Dr. Harrell and patient Sharon Veingrad worked with Genzyme to create the 6-minute segment “Understanding Thyroid Cancer” for the Lifetime channel. And Framingham, MA employees attended a Lunch & Learn event at the Science Center with speakers Dr. Stephanie Lee of Boston Medical Center and a Genzyme employee and survivor. Genzyme and Sanofi employees also took part in activities and initiatives in the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Greece, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Portugal, Mexico and Thailand. As you can see, it was a busy month!

Vice President and General Manager of the Endocrinology Business Alicia Secor was excited to see this year’s increased level of involvement. “Our teams were able to spread the thyroid cancer awareness message around the globe,” says Alicia. “I am proud of our teams in all countries and appreciate their compassion for patients throughout the year, not just Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month.”

Dr. Stephanie Lee of Boston Medical Center and Brant, a Genzyme employee, speak at a Lunch & Learn session in Framingham, MA.

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