Exciting News! An Update on Positive Exposure

Jamie Ring | June 25, 2013

We are always happy whenever a champion of the rare disease community is publicly acknowledged or recognized for his efforts. Rick Guidotti of Positive Exposure is no exception. A true friend to the rare disease community, we first featured his work on this website last October in a piece called Education Through Images: Rare Disease Advocates Pose for Positive Exposures.

Recently, Rick’s work photographing people living with rare genetic diseases gained national attention when NBC News aired a feature on its weekly television program, Rock Center. We encourage you to watch the seven minute video clip as it is well worth every minute.

Rick founded Positive Exposure in 1998 after a high profile photography career in NYC, Milan and Paris working for a variety of fashion designers and magazines. Rick’s vision of changing the way the world views people living with rare diseases is something I think we can all relate to. Importantly, his ideas on updating images used to describe genetic diseases in medical schools has incredible potential to change the diagnostic odyssey so many families endure when seeking a diagnosis.

Thank you, Rick, for challenging the world to think a little differently and to reinterpret the beauty that is all around us. And congratulations on this wonderful recognition of your work!  

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