Congratulations to the Genzyme Marathon Team! Way to Go, Runners!

Kathleen Coolidge | April 19, 2012

On April 16th, 11 Genzyme/Sanofi employees completed the 26.2 mile Boston Marathon on one of the hottest days on record for this event!  The runners’ patient partners, colleagues, family and friends gathered at mile 14 to cheer them on and take photos. The excitement and energy that everyone felt as each runner passed by was amazing.  The runners proudly wore photos and names of their patient partners on their t-shirts and each runner beamed with pride as they ran by the site where we gathered. 

This year the runners were paired with partners with rare diseases that included lysosomal storage disorders, Familial Hypercholesterolemia, Rett Syndrome, Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, Mastocytosis, Homocystinuria and VHL. Since 2008 when Genzyme first started organizing its own marathon team, runners have raised a total of $170,000 for NORD!!  Meridith Bolado, VP of NORD, was on hand this year to encourage and congratulate the runners as they passed by. This was a day of extremely hard work for the runners who trained long and hard for this day, never anticipating it would be quite this hot. But the heat didn’t stop them from giving their best!  We’re so proud of all the runners and the support they received from their patient partners. Congratulations, runners!

For more information about Genzyme’s marathon team, please see


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