Check it Out! Great Tools and Online Resources for Non-profit Organizations

Cara Hesse | September 25, 2014

Are you looking to grow your organization or strengthen your operations? Recently, we came across a great online resource that includes free and easy to access educational tools specifically for non-profit organizations looking to grow. Whether it's board development, volunteer recruitment, fundraising, or strategic marketing and communications, we encourage you to check out Third Sector New England’s website (TSNE). TSNE exists to help strengthen non-profit organizations so they will have a deeper impact on the communities they serve.

Their “Insights for the Sector” provides information and tools on an array of topics of interest to non-profit organizations. Nonprofits will find publications focused on increasing staff and board diversity; information on executive transition and organizational development; articles on fundraising, and tools for sound financial management. One article on media and marketing provides a great list of other resources available to help non-profits more effectively communicate with the communities they serve. Check it out!   

If you are curious about their name, the “third sector” refers to the part of a society that is neither the public sector nor the private sector. As TSNE says on their website, “The third sector is made up of groups of people involved in all types of civic engagement activities in their communities. These groups often act as change agents while working on issues of social and economic justice. The sector includes nonprofit leaders and staff members at every level, paid or voluntary; funders of nonprofit activity; and concerned people in the business and government sectors.” 

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