BIO: Connecting and Partnering with Industry and Patient Groups

Kathleen Coolidge | August 27, 2013

As a member of Genzyme Patient Advocacy, I had the opportunity to attend BIO’s annual convention in Chicago earlier this year. Because BIO is more widely known as a trade association for biotechnology, I was delighted to see their thriving “Alliance Pavilion” for patient organizations and academic institutions in action. 

BIO’s mission is to advocate for its 1,100 member organizations and champion biotechnology through communication, business development and advocacy. The Alliance Pavilion is comprised of educational and informational booths for patient organizations. It’s designed to be a centrally-located hub for organizations to interact, network, and potentially establish long-lasting relationships with industry. As one participant remarked: “The BIO staff was excellent at connecting attendees to the different patient groups based on their needs."

During the 2013 conference there were over 500 private meetings during which information, ideas and informal proposals were shared between 40 patient advocacy groups and 12 academic institutions. For interested patient organizations, the next conference will be in San Diego on June 23-26, 2014 and may be a great addition to your 2014 planning calendar. Visit the BIO website for more information. 

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