Announcing International Fabry Women’s Day

Annamarie Dillon | March 19, 2013

PAL Award recipient FSIGN (the Dutch Fabry Support Group) recently declared the first Saturday in April as the annual International Fabry Women’s Day. The goals of the day are to increase recognition and support for all women with Fabry Disease and those directly affected by Fabry Disease such as partners, family members and friends.

For the past seven years, FSIGN has organized a national Fabry Women's day for their female membership, enabling them to come together and share experiences, exchange information and provide support to one another. Due to its success, FSIGN is now working to make the day global. “Our hope is that on this day, activities will be organised for Fabry women. It doesn’t matter if these are large of small as everything helps,” says Erica Schenk of FSIGN.

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