Announcement of the International Glycogen Storage Disorder Conference 2013!

Jamie Ring | April 02, 2013

From November 28-30, 2013 in Heidelberg, Germany the Selbsthilfegruppe Glykogenose Deutschland e. V. (SHG–German GSD Patient Support Group) will be hosting for the first time an International Conference for Glycogen Storage Diseases. This conference will bring together the different types of Glycogen Storage Diseases and is open to researchers, patient organizations, industry, and physicians. World experts will discuss the state of research and therapies for the muscle and liver types in parallel sessions. The exchange of experiences will be stimulated by plenary sessions, addressing the challenges of rare diseases, developing therapies for rare diseases, and the benefits of building communities. Ultimately, the goals of the conference are to help promote scientific progress and better understanding amongst the GSDs, facilitate the formation of networks and building of a community between scientists, patients, and physicians, and industry who all have a shared goal of helping to improve the lives of those affected by Glycogen Storage Disorders. 

Already, participants from over 17 countries around the globe are slated to attend, from Brazil to Australia to South Africa. Thomas Schaller, the host of the meeting, has been a longstanding member of the International Pompe Association as well as the SHG. I asked him why he decided to put together this international forum. "Since my son’s diagnosis of Pompe disease almost 20 years ago, I've been lucky to be part of a growing worldwide GSD community of researchers, industry, and patients. I see tremendous benefit in joining forces and galvanizing stakeholders across regional borders, research interests, and disciplines. Organizing this conference is my tribute to the global team working towards one common goal: improving the lives of GSD patients," says Mr. Schaller. Please visit the conference website for more information and registration details. 

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